Ragnex is a Minecraft BE Server. In the year 2015, Kurt and ZCake started to make a server called ZSurvival. Until it shuts down in the year 2018 since ZCake was surprisingly gone without telling anyone. Kurt cannot find any ways to contact ZCake. All of ZCake's social media platforms were inactive. It is a long story and ZSurvival really didn’t get popular at all compare to this server, Ragnex. ZSurvival server is a Roleplay server. A lot of people left but there are three people who stayed: Kurt, Wes, and Evan.


     On May 17, 2020. Kurt created Ragnex. It all started when he was just inviting his friends to play Minecraft again. Kurt looked for free Minecraft server hosting online then he found Aternos. Kurt and his friends literally missed each other because they haven’t played together since 2018. They always AFK 24/7 because it is an Aternos server hosting. They also started to advertise on different Minecraft servers which is illegal but they still do even if they can get ban, and they regret that, especially when Kurt started advertising on the voting section since it broadcasts the texts.
     They got tired of doing AFKs and they started to pay monthly on a real Minecraft server hosting on June 09, 2020.


     They thought the server will be just simple as before but a lot of players started to join around August 2020 and it was shocking. Now, Ragnex has a total of 10.0K players and counting. Ragnex also achieved on being Rank 28 on Minecraft BE Server List.

     There are players who left, players who stayed. There are trials and errors, ups and downs but Ragnex Team will still be here to offer you the best Minecraft server to play on and Ragnex can still be better and improve anytime.